Monday Morning Musings 02.15.16

  1. We are culturally driven to consume, an emphasis quickly embraced as we focus more and more on the love of self. The implications of that trend are disastrous for marriages as we now view them with a "consumer" mentality. In the absence of God's covenant design for marriage, one which reflects His covenant with His Bride, The Church, we easily discard that which no longer meets our need. Instead, Christian marriage is given to us as more than a path to personal happiness, but as a means of reflecting to the world the sacrificial nature of Christ's love for us. It is the earthly placeholder for the intimacy we will one day know with our Heavenly Father. Only as we abide in covenant marriage can we endure the changes that will surely come - and the crises that a fallen world inevitably brings.‪#‎FPCOMarriageRetreat‬
  2. The Beach Ball Ballet performed at the retreat by Tanner Fox and Steve Eastwood was epic. The full video I posted yesterday is worth the one minute to watch. ‪#‎boysintutus‬ ‪#‎laughedtilIcried‬
  3. LAUGHTER: Sometimes in the busyness of life, I forget how important it is to stop and laugh - to laugh at myself, to laugh at the ironies and indignities we suffer, to laugh at the wonder of what it is to be alive. This weekend, we laughed a lot. Leigh and I laughed at our past, our mistakes, even some of our present challenges. And we used laughter as a means of opening a door to shine light on some dark places that we would prefer not to look at. Laughter - what a gift God has given us. 
  4. So grateful for the gifts God has given to our church in Scarlett Stewart. Her sermon yesterday was profound, but even more than that, her leadership in our 20's ministry has brought that group together in a significant way. I love the image of 77 women in their 20's studying God's Word together on Tuesday evenings......and almost that many men engaged in similar studies as well. 
  5. I was struck this weekend by the multi-generational nature of our church. How grateful I am for the spirirtual grandfathers and grandmothers, the spiritual fathers and mothers that pour into the lives of younger generations. And I love how our young couples, some yet to have children and many with young children, seek their wisdom for the living of this life. It is the fulllness and the beauty of the Body of Christ.
  6. From Russell Moore's new book, Onward: "The idea of the respectability of Christian witness in a Christian America that is defined by morality and success, not by the gospel of cruxifiction and resurrection, is just another example of importing Jesus to maintain one's best life now." ‪#‎truth‬‪#‎Godisnotacharacterinournovel‬
  7. The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was an event of enormous significance for our country. We not only lost a fierce and faithful jurist, but his loss will transform the presidential race and many aspects of the future of the court and our country as the rule of law is interpreted across our fifty states. ‪#‎Godholdsthefuture‬
  8. I love Cam Newton. I do. Come on, he's an Auburn man. War Eagle! However, maturity is when you realize that life is not merely about you and how you want to live it. It is about being part of something larger - and more significant. It is about the shaping of lives and the creation of culture. He is in a unique position to do that very thing, and I pray that he will learn that "show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser" is one of the most narcisisstic things one can ever utter. ‪#‎GrowingUpIsHard‬