Monday Morning Musings for 03.21.16

  1. As we enter into Holy Week, we are reminded of its darkness - and the darkness that still exists in our world. Thankfully, the judgement and justice of God moved against that darkness through the One who is the Light of the World. This is what the "love wins" theology of our culture leaves out. It sounds so pleasant to say "love wins", but we quickly leave that behind when someone shoots up a school or kills my loved one while driving drunk. Then we want justice. We want a judge to right the wrong, and that's what God has done in Christ. He's brought justice and judgement, but in HIs mercy, it doesn't fall on us. It falls on Jesus - and that's what this week is all about. Yes, love wins - but let's not forget it had to suffer and die first to do so - which makes the dawning of Easter's light all the more joyous.‪#‎fromdarknesstolight‬ ‪#‎itsmorethanjustlove‬
  2. As I spoke yesterday in worship about the darkness that still surrounds us, I was reminded again of how painful miscarriages are in the lives of many couples. As I mentioned a litany of examples of said darkness, one was the dark moments of grief a couple experiences when a miscarriage occurs. Almost immediately, I saw several women drop their heads, wiping tears. A miscarriage is no less painful than losing a child that lived in this world; there are just fewer memories - fewer shared experiences - fewer moments of bonding and understanding. A miscarriage leaves parents always wondering about what could have been. Be careful never to insinuate to such a couple that their loss is somehow "less" than had their child been born. ‪#‎youwillknowtheminheaven‬
  3. THIS WEEK'S SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE: "Sexting" among teens - texting nude photos of yourself and receiving them from others - has become so prevalent that many states are considering changing the definition of child pornography to allow for easier sentences for teens caught with said photos. Most states consider a sexually explicit photo of a minor as child pornography. Perhaps most concerning was a U of CO professor who testified that "the practice of sexting is the modern version of a love letter or sexy polaroid." Wait...what? No, it's not. Ever.‪#‎teachyourchildren‬
  4. PET PEAVE: Every once in a while, I will get included in a group text or "reply all" email chain. It's fine at first as there is normally useful information shared, but is it just me, or do people seem to comment forever?‪#‎pleasestop‬ ‪#‎replyallonlywhenessential‬
  5. The number one factor in road rage incidents is the presence of a bumper sticker on the leading car. It can be any bumper sticker. Researchers say that a bumper sticker is a statement that does not invite or allow for dialogue. It is an individual declaration of belief or allegiance. Apparently, the irritation some people feel over such display is what creates the context for overreeaction - road rage. Yikes. I have no stickers, but I do have an Auburn logo. I guess I'll duck when passing any Alabama fans. Jon Mark Sprowl Doug Woodman Savannah Chandler
  6. People in the US spend $60 billion annually on their pets. Yes, billion. The industry has grown significantly in the past few years as more and more people pay to have their dog groomed, trained, or exercised. Also, the fastest growing segment of the industry? Poop. What to do with poop - how to get rid of it, pick it up, even how to make it smell better. That's right. We're spending a lot of money so our pet's poop won't smell. (Oh, the places I could go with that......but I won't.)
  7. There are few things better than sleeping to the sound of waves lapping at the shore.
  8. We are enormously grateful to an anonymous donor who is funding FPCO's Easter worship at the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center downtown. All the details and necessary information regarding childcare, parking, timing, family photos and more are available Make your plans to be with us at 9 or 11 a.m. - we have worked enormously hard to create a celebratory service as we give thanks for the dawning of the Light of Life - or take part via live streaming online at
  9. My NCAA bracket is sinking fast. Thanks Middle Tennessee. Thanks Indiana. ‪#‎tearitup‬ ‪#‎imdone‬