Monday Morning Musings for 05.02.16

  1. Humans beings can be pretty stubborn at times. We are insistent on living according to our own terms and then wonder why we feel restless and unfulfilled. God has revealed that we have been created to live in a particular way that reflects who He is. God, in His nature, is generous. He gives. Thus, we have been made not primarly as receivers - but as givers. For that reason, Paul says in Acts 20:35, "it is more blessed to give than to receive." Paul also showed in the manner of his life that we are called to give ourselves away relationally and financially. He worked hard IN ORDER THAT he could give money away. He got it. When he lived out of his true nature as a giver, he experienced the abundant life that God had promised.‪#‎thesecretofcontentment‬
  2. Yesterday was also "Confirmation Sunday" in our church, a day I love as students are welcomed into full membership following a period of instruction - and a public profession of faith. Families spend ten weeks together in learning the intellecual underpinnings of what they believe in their hearts. In a time when people are fearful of saying they believe in anything, it was refreshing to see 35 young adults stand and say, "Here I stand."‪#‎letthechildrenleadus‬ ‪#‎letknowonelookdownonyoubecauseyouareyoung‬
  3. This past week, our church family experienced the third death of a person in their 20's due to a heroin overdose. Any loss is painful, but these feel especially tragic and senseless. What is more confounding is that heroin seems to capture people who have not necessarily been long time addicts. A person "tries it" and in a relatively short time, get hooked. Again from Acts 20 yesterday, God calls us to be "shepherds of the flock" - all of us. I pray we will all do what we can to love and care for others in order that they might seek solace in things far less lethal and destructive.
  4. Cal Thomas had a great editorial last week in which he discussed "God and Politics." We are in a decidedly post-Christian era where the influence of Christian faith in politics and culture is slowly waning. However, he said "before secularists start rejoicing, they should consider what happens to nations that abandon faith, or transfer faith to political leaders...." Check your history books, folks. The late liberal icon, Justice William O. Douglas wrote, "We are a religious people whose institutions presuppose a Supreme Being." The challenge is how we apply such a presupposition to government and culture. It's always been a challenge - but one thing we know for sure: getting rid of faith is the safest path to eroding, and eventually destroying that culture.
  5. THIS WEEK'S SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE: Spain, one of the preeminent nations in the world, has had no functioning government for the past five months. The can't seem to figure out how to build a coalition that can work together - so it goes on with no real end in sight. In light of what our current election process looks like, perhaps we should give this a try??
  6. CHURCH RANT: I heard something last week that resonated so deeply: disembodied words. What does that mean? It means words with no person or relationship behind them - just empty words - a talking head. What made Jesus so unique was that He was "the Word made flesh." For this reason I struggle with churches who put a great communicator on a screen, but very few actually know that person. There is no embodiment of the Word. The same thing when someone flies in and flies out to preach. He or she speaks disembodied words. If the role of the church is to simply put up the best communicators, then why not shut all our churches down and just show Tim Keller or Andy Stanley each Sunday? The answer is because those would be disembodied words. We need "the word" to be offered in the context of someone who cares for us and knows us, as Jesus modeled.
  7. Prince had no will. Seriously? How does someone with that many people at his disposal have no will? People, if you don't have a will, take care of that - NOW! I have seen this so many times. A person dies and there's no will. So guess what? That leaves the government and your family to fight and haggle over what to do with your assets. Please, give your famliy a great gift: tell them what you want to see happen. Relieve them of that burden. Have a will!! ‪#‎lowhangingfruit‬‪#‎thisisnothard‬
  8. My wife was out of town last weekend on a girls trip. I appreciate her so much because what I learned is that while I am completely capable of taking care of myself, I don't know where anything is. I knew what I needed at any given point, but I could't find it!! ‪#‎malerefrigeratorblindess‬‪#‎barelysurvived‬ ‪#‎pleasecomeback‬
  9. THRILLING NEWS: I DO NOT HAVE TO CLEANSE MYSELF!!! I can't tell you how relieved I am to discover this profound truth in a world of kale and "detoxing." After an extensive study by Dr. James H. Grendell, a gastroenterologist at Winthrop University Hospital in NY, he said that while "cleanses may be a tool for resetting one's habits or losing weight, the human body is well-designed to eliminate wastes and toxins." I will spare you the more graphic scientific truths about the benefits or what naturally occurs in our colons, but let's just say our bodies actually NEED what occurs in there......whoohoo!! ‪#‎poopreport‬