Monday Morning Musings for 05.09.16

  1. As I listened to Marcus Doe last week, a Liberian refugee at 11 and now at 37 graduating with an MDIV from Gordon-Conwell, I was overwhelmed by the way in which the cross redefines "family." How else could a black Liberian refugee and a middle-aged white pastor from Texas feel like brothers? When a dying Jesus tells John that his mother is Mary - and Mary that her son is John, Jesus redefined everything about family in the Body of Christ. As we gather at His Table, it is our common love for Christ, Our Savior, that unites us as sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters - and as we gather with others in the Body, we touch something of Christ Himself. Once again, there is more that unites us in Christ than could every divide us in this world. ‪#‎foretasteofthekingdom‬
  2. MOTHER'S DAY: We spent a great weekend with all of our children in town making Leigh the happiest woman alive. Even so, I was reminded of the pain that Mother's Day creates for many - and the need we all have for motherly nurture in this life. My Mom was an amazing lady who loved me well, but I have also been "mothered" by many other women along the way. I shudder to think where I would be without them. You may not have had the relationship with your Mom that you hoped for, or you may not have been able to be a Mom - but you can always nurture and "mother" others. "As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you...." Isaiah 66:13
  3. CROWDFUNDING: There are now a proliferation of websites raising money for all kinds of things, but what they don't tell you up front is the huge size of the fee they charge. Most get 8% off the top - and some even higher. I don't know about you, but when I give to something, I want a much lower fee structure than that, if at all. I now send a check directly to the person raising money if its something I want to support. Something to think about.
  4. There has been a lot of talk about the transgender bathroom laws, and it seems a conundrum to me. Perhaps my progressive friends can shed some light on this for me. It seems that either way you land, it's discriminatory. You can make a case that a transgender person should be allowed to enter the bathroom of the gender with which they identify, but it also seems a person has a right, for their sense of security, to be in a bathroom with others of their own natural gender, right? What makes the former trump the latter? ‪#‎confused‬
  5. It is disturbing to see the near disappearance of any socially conservative voice on college campuses today, including intimidation or retaliation against those who would take a conservative position. A survey by the Association of American Colleges and Universities showed only 30% of students feel safe about holding a conservative view on campus. New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was booed off stage at Brown University causing the event to be stopped. George Will, Condoleezza Rice, IMF Head Christine Legarde and Human Rights Activist Ayaan Ali have all been invited and then uninvited by different colleges after faculty and student protests. Whatever happened to college being a time to explore a variety of thought and ideas? Whatever happened to respect for those who differ from us? Whatever happened to the idea that if we listen, we might learn something?
  6. Oh.....and then there's the fact that my son is getting married in three weeks. JD Swanson and Caroline Maddox will marry at FPCO May 28. As much as I would have loved to invite the church - and many from the other churches I have served - I don't think that would be very fair to the Maddox family! ‪#‎whentwobecomeswan‬
  7. THIS WEEK'S SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE: Following the Kentucky Derby this weekend, I learned that last year's Triple Crown winner, American Pharaoh, earns $600,000 a day in "stud fees." $600K. A day. 
  8. So I flew to Boston and back this week for a trustee meeting at Gordon-Conwell Seminary. As we are loading the flight out, there was a line of 14 people in wheelchairs with family members in tow, all of whom boarded first. I have no problem with that. Not a bit. My problem was that I only saw 4 of them who remained on the plane to get help off the aircraft. ‪#‎thingsthatmakeyouwonder‬