Monday Morning Musings for 03.28.16

  1. He is risen! He is STILL risen - even on Monday morning! And the hope of Easter is that God has flipped the script on what appears to be the tragic story of our human experience - and turns it into the greatest love story the world has ever known. In Christ, God flips the script on world history, on our personal history, and on what actually matters in life. In the words of the great theologian Taylor Swift, "It's a love story, baby. Just say yes!"
  2. I completely underestimated the "street cred" that using Taylor Swift in a sermon would give me with teen girls. Yesterday afternoon, I learned from many parents I had suddenly become cool in their eyes. That - and the fact that I could tweet - scored big points with this demographic. #taylorrocks #itsalovestory #letsnothaveanybadblood
  3. My Easter weekend began on Good Friday morning as most mornings usually begin. I get up and head to the kitchen to make coffee. I then open the refrigerator to get out the half and half. When I did that, I discovered that our refrigerator had had a complete nervous breakdown! It didn't just stop cooling. It heated up. Even the repairman could not explain how this happened. (Any experts want to weigh in?). When I say it heated up, it was 101 degrees. The cheese was not soft; it was MELTING. All the margarine was liquid as were the sticks of butter. Two hours later, we had it cleaned up. Lovely. #wheresmycoffee #psychofridge
  4. PET PEEVE: Can someone please hire a traffic consultant to time the lights on Robinson at 6 p.m. In the evening? Every night when I come home, I stop at EVERY light. It can't be that hard. #helpmelowermystress #timethelights
  5. The Pope did a very significant thing on Maundy Thursday when he washed the feet of a Hindu, a Muslim, several Christians, and a Jew. The problem was that he said, "we are all children of the same God." This is simply false. I love this pope, but logic will tell you that two contradictory truths cannot both be true at the same time. Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are directly opposed to one another on many theological points. We worship DIFFERENT Gods - and we should all have the freedom to do so!
  6. THIS WEEK'S SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE: This season, apparently gray is a hot color. In fact, Behr Paint Co. has released not 50, but 69 shades of gray in their fall paint season. What? How can there possibly be 69 DIFFERENT shades of the most drab color on the color wheel???? #toomanychoices #graymageddon
  7. This past week - Holy Week - I learned of the death of Dr. Jim Dixon. Jim was the founding pastor of Cherry Hills Community Church (EPC - Denver) in 1982. He grew the church to well over 7000 members and had retired in 2013. He was 70 years old. It was a great loss for Christ's Church, but I am so grateful he now enjoys the Church Triumphant. #Eastermatters
  8. Leigh and I had a unique Easter in our lives: none of our children were with us. Easter for us has always been a time of family, a time of celebration - which made yesterday a unique day. We love them and the choices they have made, but we are not kidding ourselves either. We would rather be with them. #reallife #bigboypants
  9. The WGC Golf Championships were held at Austin Country Club last week. Austin, TX is one of my favorite spots in the whole world. Leigh did college there. I did seminary there. It's one of the best cities to live in when you're poor in the world - so many FREE events! #sixthstreet #musicscene #kirbylanecafe #hydeparkbarandgrill #arboretum #townlake #honeymoon #keepaustinweird