Monday Morning Musings for 4.30.18

Based on my sermon from Isaiah 6:1–8 yesterday, it would be antithetical for me to blog on multiple things because there is only one thing that matters. Isaiah encounters the reality of the Living God in all HIs glory, and when He does, everything changes. He realizes that in God's presence, he is nothing. He cries out, and God answers, removing his guilt and brings him near. Once drawn into God's presence, Isaiah is invited to become part of God's life - His purpose - on earth. Isaiah becomes HIs instrument.

When we reflect on and deeply understand the meaning of "holy, holy, holy", we experience a profound clarity. All we say and do in life is grounded in that one thing – and all else pales in comparison to serving the living God. We're all looking for the cure to our problems, and like those drug commercials on TV, we fear the cure might kill us. It won't. The cure doesn't kill us. It's killing Him. And so we live… for His glory.