Our Responsibility to Act

One of the primary points I have tried to make in the wake of the Charlottesville tragedy is that we cannot wait for others to act or speak. As Christians, we have a responsibility to act now. We can't simply be people who complain about what's wrong, but rather take part in forming the positive side of a solution.

It's similar to the old question: when is the best time to plant a tree? Answer: 20 years ago. We need to take steps today that will bear fruit for many years to come. For example, a group of multi-ethnic pastors that I am part of began meeting after the Trayvon Martin shooting. We recognized we needed to build deeper relationships with each other in order to foster strong bonds and deeper understanding in our community. Events are fine, but we need more than events. We need relational investment and shared partnerships that transform and shape communities. So think about it: what can you do? 

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