Everlasting Life

When death affects one’s friends or family, they wonder what to do, what to say, and how to cope. When people contemplate their own death, they wonder what will happen, and where they will go. Dr. David Swanson has led countless people through death and dying and now offers insights into walking through it with hope. Readers will:

  • discover what it means to be immortal
  • explore the move from this life to the next
  • rejoice in the life to come
  • learn to care for others in grief

Whether facing death or losing a loved one, this book shows readers that death is not the end, and the more they grasp their immortal identity now, the fuller life will be.

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Knowing the one person who conquered death is the source of the only true hope in bringing consolation to the grieving heart. Since it is inevitable that we will all deal with loss in this life, having the skills to rest secure in the hope we have in Christ is a precious gift David helps you unpack.
— Vonette Bright, cofounder, Campus Crusade for Christ International/Cru
Swanson has not only faithfully addressed the core fear we all share-the fear of death-he has thrown open the curtains on the great hope that is ours through the work of Jesus.
— Scotty Smith, pastor and author of Everyday Prayers
Everlasting Life tackles the challenging subjects of facing death, the spiritual process of dying, and what the glorious but mysterious afterlife of heaven might be like from a biblical perspective.
— Bob DeVries and Susan Zonnebelt-Smeenge, authors of Getting to the Other Side of Grief
Swanson offers comfort to the grieving, gives insight to the comforter, and shares the gospel with those who do not yet believe in Christ. He helps the reader face the fact of his or her own death and addresses why death is in the world.
— David Wiersbe, author of Gone but Not Lost