Racism and the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Our Responsibility
In this sermon from April 17, 2016, Dr. David Swanson noted that as Christians we must engage in this issue. We are called to look into our society to restore order; to bring greater equality and justice to the world God has made.

Nature of Faith
In this sermon from July 26, 2015, David explains how it can be argued that Mary Magdalene was the first Christian – the one who professed faith to the disciples after she had been to the empty tomb. Her confession of faith is one that teaches us some needed understanding about the nature and sufficiency of our faith. Where does it come from – and is it enough?

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The Well

The Well is Dr. David Swanson’s media ministry outreach teaching biblical truths in a real and relevant way to a hurting world. There is a need in the landscape of media ministry to present the living word in an applicable, personal way from a sound theological foundation. The Well is created with high production standards so that the message is entertaining and engaging for the viewer — more than a rebroadcast of a worship service.